Make it easier to unlock the value of your data

Uniplore iDIS

One stop big data analysis platform

Agile data analysis  insight into the value of data

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Anyone can be a data analyst
Uniplore is committed to providing a one-stop big data analysis platform to help IT and business personnel greatly shorten the cycle of complex data analysis, meet the needs of business decision support, and make everyone a data analyst.
Solve user pain points and meet user needs
Solve the problems that users have a long period of mastering various complex big data analysis tools, and the data preparation process is cumbersome, so that business personnel can conduct data analysis independently without advanced technical background and learning various tools.

Intelligent data analysis

It can intelligently recommend visualization effects according to data characteristics Built-in 100+ mining algorithm components Flexible ROLAP to improve analytical efficiency Efficient MOLAP for faster analysis Visually customize the integration process to quickly integrate business data

Make it easier to unlock the value of your data

Support mainstream data sources, agile integration of heterogeneous data All kinds of big data analysis can be done by dragging and dropping without programming Simply check to generate cool charts

Listen carefully to your needs

Analysis process that can be shared by multiple people, Multi-terminal display​, one-key adaptive Automated machine learning, mining data even without technology Big data analysis through voice interaction

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Agile data analysis, insight into the value of data

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